The Man Found Me

February 4, 2009 at 5:12 pm (Monkey Business) (, , , )

I’m a bit creeped out. My last post was around 10:00 pm last night and according to my blog stats a certain company found me at 9:54 am.  I personally didn’t even mention this company, only pasted an article where their name was mentioned and provided a link. I did a quick Google search of my title, Corporate Whining, and came up #2. I feel so very special.

To borrow Ms. Drill’s soapbox again…

WTF? Do corporations actually have someone who sits in their cubicle all day and does nothing but Google to see where their name shows up? How do I get one of those jobs, I have great Google skills!

After 6 minutes and 36 seconds on my blog I hope they determined I am not a PR nightmare and will let it go at that. Or am I now on some watchdog list? That would so crack me up. Let’s see, she talks about: 

  • the voices/monkeys in her head
  • Stocking up on ammo
  • The Man
  • quotes Deadwood, John from Cincinnati, D Ali G
  • swears a lot
  • the aliens in her ankle
  • links to Dead Kitten Mittens (for the homeless!)

Obviously this woman is nutty as a fruitcake, a clear and present danger.

I am curious to know if any fellow bloggers have encountered this phenomena? Should I be cautious, should I mention their name more, should I be very prepared if I hear a knock at my front door, should I add them to my “fuck you…insert company name here” letter writing campaign?

Blogging is so much fun!


  1. talker96 said,

    You should not only mention their name more, you should start a wordpress blog with their name in the title and then just post random cuss words and sexual references to animals and midgets once a day.

  2. Poison said,

    An awesome idea, a Tourette’s blog in their honor!

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