The New Crack

February 28, 2009 at 4:03 pm (Monkey Business) (, , , )

At night I tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth and lately it’s only been satisfied by hitting up Fruit Roll-ups. Apparently I am an eight year old. It’s not my fault, honestly, it’s my mothers dealers. My supplier has this thing where if she finds you like something, then if one is good five is better, and you damn well better have your pantry empty because she’s going to fill it up with that shit.

She doesn’t buy them for me, they’re for my kid and though Mr. Wonderful likes them, I covet them. There’s something about them that soothes my savage soul and after a couple of them I might be able to stop my gluttonous ways before I hit the cookies or ice cream.

Should you concur with my thoughts on their yumminess, heed this warning:

Make sure to carefully remove all the plastic they are wrapped in in a well lit and probably well ventilated area.

If you don’t and find it’s a bit tougher than it should be you might want to make sure you removed all the plastic. Not that I would know anything about that.


  1. Mike said,

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  2. LeeAnn said,

    For me, or rather for my mom, it’s mac and cheese. She sends me like sixteen boxes every time she mails me something. My cupboard looks like I run a preschool. I am honor-bound to eat it, as to mom, food wasted is a huge no-no.
    I prefer to believe this instead of acknowledging a serious addiction to mac and cheese. It will look better if H decides to hold committment hearings like he always threatens.

  3. Poison said,

    You’re so right, I am honor bound to help eat them! I’m sure if I don’t, the rollups will dry out and then have to be tossed which is surely an offense.

    Yes, never ever give them any ammunition to use against you 😀

  4. Mike said,

    I thought fruit roll ups WERE plastic.

    My mistake?

    • Poison said,

      Mike you’re probably right, they may very well have a plastic composition but who cares, they’re damn tasty!

  5. J Drill said,

    oh hell no. I hear ya Mike, plastic for sure no mistake. Dot needs to think M&M

    • Poison said,

      Yes, Dot seriously needs to think M&Ms…yum, I can feel the added poundage just thinking about them.

  6. 2010 is going to kick some ass, hopefully in a good way « Poison's Aftertaste said,

    […] when I talked about the endless supply of Fruit Roll Ups? Grandma caught wind that Mr. Wonderful likes gummy bears so now he’s the proud owner of a six […]

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