Trailer Park Boys

March 27, 2009 at 9:17 pm (Monkey Business) ()

Obviously I live under a bigger rock than Patrick Star. How did I not find out about this show until today??? I’m certain I’ve been to every blog on the internet and no one, not one single person has given me a heads up. I had to hear about it at work for Christ’s sakes!

Drill, they’re using a G scale train… guess I better refuckulate one of those engines, hang on to the rest of the cars cuz I’m pretty damn sure I have enough track to reach Canada. 

This is video 1 of 3 for this episode and is so worth 6.5 (really the full 22 or whatever) minutes of your day.

ETA: There appears to be season 8 episode 1 on the YouTube footer. Leave it to me to read the last chapter of a book first.  If you need more TPB I found this link where you can watch the first 7 seasons.


  1. LeeAnn said,

    Isn’t Showcase the Canadian version of Showtime? I had a really good friend who was on a Showcase show called Web Dreams, he had to send me the DVDs because we didn’t get the broadcast down here in the “south”.
    I may have to start watching this thing, it looks just bizarro enough.

  2. Poison said,

    Yeah, it’s a Canadian show and I understand it is on Direct TV which I don’t have. What I’ve seen so far is just crazy, I love it.

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