When life is tricky and I don’t mean a tricky dick, though one would be nice.

November 18, 2009 at 5:24 pm (Could I Be Any More Boring?, Monkey Business, The Monkeys in My Head) (, , , , , , )

Last night I had a dream that just would not end. I’d wake up and go back to sleep and the damn thing would just keep going. It was about the love of my life but in present day. What do these type of dreams mean?

Last year I got in touch with him because when we split I promised him I would always stay in touch so give or take 20 years I felt it was important to keep my word. As fate would have it, we were both single and after a couple of months of phone calls that would last for hours at a time he flew from Florida to see me. It was great to see him but the end result was we both realized that our lives are very different and it just isn’t meant to be. Well that and the tribble but that’s a tale for another post.

So back to the dream. I think it means the next great thing is on the horizon. That’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it. 2009 was suppose to be a great year for me but the clock is ticking and I’m not sure there is a grace period on this. The year is almost over and damn it… something good NEEDS to happen soon.

JDrill told me the other night she ought to introduce me to this guy she knows that’s a millionaire. Now most women’s response would be, Oh Hell Yeah! My response, “fuck, he lives 180 miles away and that sounds like too much trouble.” What kind of cuckoo brain says shit like that? No wonder I’m still single, I should just carry a cactus in my purse. Bonus points if you know the movie.

For a while now I’ve been trying to find something to blog about but seriously, there’s been nothing but dead air or chatter going on in my head. Tuesdays was the day I could usually pull out at least a sentence or two but now I have this new co-worker who brings nothing to work to occupy her time other than her voice so it’s constant chatter about nothing. She’s really nice enough but fuck, Tuesdays was my day to relax.

And now for a bit of corporate whining. I don’t know how I am going to make it to Christmas this year. The we are going to have such a happy Christmas ads have already started and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to throw something at the tv each time I see one. We have “reality” (ha) tv, can’t we have some reality commercials? I really want someone to step up to the plate and say they know this Christmas is going to suck and give us some solution as to how we’re going to pull this one out of our ass.


  1. J Drill said,

    Tribble Ha. Well get the rake out and we will go to work on X mas. As you know ,I am all but boycotting the season this year. It will be fun I promise. So don’t sweat it. We care more about it than the people we don’t want to disappoint. That I have learned over the years. It’s all about if its all wonderful,than we are ok and we have a good life yadyyadyya.So let them eat cake. It will be all about us this year.

    • Poison said,

      Oh yeah, I’ m bringing the rake next week. We’ll have to induct MDrill into the hardracking club. You’re right, but… Mr. Wonderful doesn’t really like cake and he has been so well, spoiled. I don’t want him to wake up this Christmas and say, “the fuck?”

      But seriously, you guys will be here, we’ll have a house full of sassy dogs, his family will be together and that will make him very happy… what more can we ask for!

  2. talker96 said,

    What’s your trouble with tribbles?
    Okay, I can completely understand you wanting to contact the love of your life, every twenty years or so I try to contact mine as well, I mean everyone does……don’t they? But I do have one question for you, how exactly did you not figure out that your lives were completely different BEFORE he flew from Florida to see you? For Gods sake Poison, you two spent months having conversations on the phone that you say lasted for hours! Didn’t it somehow, maybe, possibly creep in that you two were to different as people and it probably wasn’t meant to be? Here’s an example that your lives were different, HE HAD TO FLY IN FROM FLORIDA!!! When ever there is air travel involved in order to go on a date/meet up with a booty call, it’s probably a clue that it’s going to be a difficult going on that second date. I’m just saying……
    2009 = shit year ……2010 = Awesome wrapped in a warm hug…….
    2011 = year where you fly in another guy for booty call, this time he’s from Wisconsin
    2012 = a cheesy 2 hour and forty minute movie

    I agree, 180 miles is a long way even if it is a millionaire but I think it’s closer than FLORIDA!
    But yeah, no one likes a guy with lots of money, they never get invited to the party so good call.
    Christmas is stressful for me as well this year, but I’ll try to make it less stressful for you. I know you had your heart set on getting me a bunch of gifts this year but you really don’t have to…….it’s cool…….spend the money on you……..k……I insist. Merry Christmas!
    Or fly to Florida……

    • Poison said,

      Thanks for the laughs, started my day off well!

      Ah, but matters of the heart trump distance, unless it’s 180 miles away 😀 He’s orginally from here so we did discuss him moving back. We discussed all the realities long before he got here and pretty much knew by the time he arrived it was just to see one another again. We left it with no regrets, he helped heal my damaged heart and also reminded me of what true love is and to never again settle for anything less than that.

      2010 – sounds like a good plan
      2011 – fly a guy in from Wi, LOL… or he could drive, it’s not that far
      2012 – yeah, we’re all going to die anyway

      Christmas, I did have my heart set on big plans to buy you, your girl, and kids everything on your wish list but since you insist I’ll honor that.

      Or Florida, hmmm, Christmas is also his birthday so maybe I should show up in a big bow.

  3. What a Week « Poison's Aftertaste said,

    […] Now on to 2010, there’s been a turn of events for The Sailor and I. […]

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