Oh Hell1No1

November 21, 2009 at 11:40 am (Oh Hell No) ()

Mr. Wonderful is asleep on the couch running a 101.4 temp, to early in the day for that kind of temp. Waiting on a call back from the Doctor’s office. He’s had the seasonal flu shot and his symptoms are flu like. Shit. No colds ever take him down so it’s not looking good.

Update: Dr. wanted to see him so I took him in and the Dr. said it looks like it is H1N1. He also did a chest x-ray and said his chest already looks questionable so he put him on antibiotics and Tamiflu. Damn, glad I didn’t take a wait and see approach, he only started coughing yesterday. My chest is feeling just a bit raspy so after much insistence on my part he put me on Tamiflu too. You would think that would have been a no brainer, who the hell is going to take care of us if I get sick.


  1. talker96 said,

    I just got out of the hospital. I had to have my appendix taken out! Can you believe that? I felt like a twelve year old boy when they told me that’s what was wrong with me. It happened on thanksgiving day of all days……
    Oh well, on Christmas I’m planning a lung removal.
    I hope your feeling better as is Mr. wonderful. Since it’s been almost aweek since you posted this, give me an update and let us know if all is good. I don’t like to worry.

    • Poison said,

      Yeah, we’re all fine… sorry didn’t mean to worry you… and here I thought I was the only one who worried about fellow bloggers. I thought perhaps you were off again on some whirlwind adventure, guess it was a whirlwind but not so much of an adventure, aye!

      That sucks you had surgery and of all days at that! Would have been easier when you were 12, I think that surgery is harder as an adult. When Mr. F’ery was around 37ish, his began to rupture because he sat around in pain for three days before going to the hospital and by that time it had attached to his colon or some shit (no pun intended), and then the damn incision got infected so take good care of yourself. Perhaps you should pass on that lung removal, at least until Valentines Day, give yourself some time to heal from this one first.

      • talker96 said,

        I know what you mean when you say you thought you were the only one who worried about other bloggers. People you meet online but probably will never meet in the real world somehow over time become actual friends. And the crazy thing is, it usually starts like this, by posting on the other persons blog or website. I was actually talking to my girl the other day about this and how strange it is that there are a select few people online that, because I read their blogs and comment back and forth with them, I feel I know more about them than I do some of my real world friends who I see every day. ( and yes, I consider you one of fortunate few in my friends list. You’re lucky. To be my friend is almost as good as being one of the top three most popular kids in High school, only this time it’s not school where you’re cool…….it’s life)
        But yeah…….surgery sucked.
        But they gave me pain killers……….

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