2010 is going to kick some ass, hopefully in a good way

January 8, 2010 at 11:26 pm (Dot's Pantry Tricks) (, , )

Today it occurred to me that no matter how much life can suck, it’s all still good as long as you can dance. I proclaim 2010 to be the year of dance! I often ask myself, “why so sad, girl?” a statement/question that cracks me up a little and in turn makes me feel like busting a move. That my dear friends makes for a good time on an otherwise dreary day.

Remember when I talked about the endless supply of Fruit Roll Ups? Grandma caught wind that Mr. Wonderful likes gummy bears so now he’s the proud owner of a six pound bag of Brach’s Gummies. Today she informed me she will be picking up more, it is clear she is stocking my pantry so we’re ready for the next Great Depression. She also picked up a ginormous box of Goldfish but I need to have her get some pretzels, they go better with the gummies.

Guess that’s all I got. I’m bored and dreaming of far-a-way places…

Now off with your bad self and go dance a little.

Feels good, doesn’t it?


  1. j drill said,

    Well Well dance is it ? Ok as soon as my legs stop vibrating.

    • Poison said,

      Why are your legs vibrating? Is that the same as quivering? And I’m not talking about the quiver for your bow.

      • j drill said,

        Vibrating as in worked all alone on Friday, than Sat.it was only Ron and me. So my legs were shot.

  2. talker96 said,

    I keep drifting through here……singing my lonesome song……watchin the tumbleweed tumble on by……

    “I remember when there were posts updated here on this site,” said the tour guide of blogs gone by, “now it looks as if there never will be no high brow shopping mall come through here no more like was planned, so all the buisness just uped and left one day. Leavin this here blog ‘a plum deserted.”


    Also, I can’t explain the ads either. They just appeared one day. Like locusts.

    • Poison said,

      Oh hell, I know… I’ve been distracted… didn’t you hear, we had a 3.8 earthquake last week! I suffered a deepening of a crack in my wall and have been very very busy tabulating the text donations as they roll in. Don’t fret, I’ll be back soon.

  3. talker96 said,

    Whoa! Somebody better call someone so that they can fix whatever it was that barely moved!
    Deepining crack in your wall so now you’re tabulating texts!
    If it sounds dirty……it probably is.

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