What a Week

October 28, 2010 at 4:57 pm (The Monkeys in My Head)

Guess it’s long overdue that I dust this off and get back to business.  In a previous post I was certain that 2010 was going to kick some ass but then it appeared to be kicking mine.

A week ago I was reminded that the year wasn’t over and that 2010 may turn out to be unbelievable yet. More on that in a minute.

First order of business, congrats to Mr. and Mrs. J. Drill! Yes, my best friends got married last week and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Second order:  Thank God, my stepbrother’s war tour is over and he’s on his way home to his bride.

Now on to 2010, there’s been a turn of events for The Sailor and I.

We’ve known and loved one another since I was 18. Nothing ever changed the way we felt about the other, for me he was always the one and likewise for him. The reasons why we have alway been on and off throughout the years is really irrelevant now, matters that are finally behind us.

Now that circumstances have changed, The Sailor and I are going to try this again. There are no obstacles in our way this time, no reasons why we can’t finally make this work. Without me having a clue, the steps he’s taken this past year to ensure our future blows my mind and makes me realize just how much he adores and loves me, and me him.

Perhaps this may sound odd, though I know some will get it, but he talks to me, I mean really talks to me. He’s encourages my creativity, he gets me and my strange sense of humor, he adores me just the way I am and doesn’t want to change anything about me, would rather be in my company than not no matter what we are doing.  And he’s a man, a real man who does manly things and he can fix anything.  

Yes, I’m gushing a bit but damn it, I’ve earned it. I had a husband who put me through hell and my life has been a struggle to get through each day, especially this past year.  I feel some hope at last.

It is finally time to be who I was always meant to be.


  1. j drill said,

    So Happy. Let the adventure begin. Ready. Love you.

  2. Poison said,

    Oh and we know how we love a good adventure! Love ya back!

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